The Grow Your Marriage Retreats are designed to allow you and your spouse a time to reconnect while learning essential marriage skills, all in a relaxing environment.  Every retreat includes effective marital coaching from our experienced team of experts, who will provide you with the skills needed to build a stronger, more Godly marriage.  This is not just a "mountain top experience."  This is a marriage-changing event that will equip you for years to come.
Chip and Tara share their experience with the Grow Your Marriage Retreats
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Skilled Coaches
The Grow Your Marriage Retreats use a  synergistic approach to give you and your spouse the opportunity to learn from others while sharing what works for your own marriage. The retreats are  also an opportunity to develop and build friendships with other couples who have a passion like you do for a healthy and long-lasting marriage.
Coaches will encourage you as you learn new and effective tools to improve your marriage. These coaches are Certified Facilitators & Coaches who have dozens of years teaching and coaching couples with great success. We are committed to working with you, focusing on your marriage relationship, and not taking sides with either spouse. Everything said in these sessions is confidential.
After the retreat we encourage you to take the next step and that is to enroll in a marriage class to help hone your skills. These classes will help you take what you learned and drill down deeper in your relationship and build intimacy like you've never experienced. Click here to go to our website and check under CLASSES for our next class available.

A word from Pastor Brad Bell

"With years of experience and credibility in the trenches of marital enrichment, the events put on by the Healthy Marriage Coalition are a must for any church committed to healthy marriages. We have found these events to be a tremendous resource to our church body. As a Pastor, I am grateful for the candor, care, and passion that is poured into this ministry. God has used Ron McLain and the entire Marriage Coalition Ministry Team to equip and train countless couples in our church into greater marital health.                                                                                               - Pastor Brad Bell, The Well Community Church, Fresno, CA
Ron and Joan McLain
Ron is the author of the Amazon #1 Bestselling book The Resurrection Marriage and is the Founder/ Executive Director of the Healthy Marriage Coalition. Ron has been married to his wife, Joan, since 1969, and the two of them have been involved in counseling and coaching couples ever since. Ron is an ordained minister and master's graduate in Biblical Counseling of the Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute. A regular speaker at marriage retreats and events, Ron helps couples begin and sustain vital and healthy marriages. 
Dave and Cheryl Belden
Dave & Cheryl Belden have been married for 37 years and are on staff with the Healthy Marriage Coalition, directing marriage education and training classes. They have taught marriage classes for more than 30 years and are trained facilitators for “Mastering the Mysteries of Love” and “Marriage Works.” They are also certified in Prepare-Enrich Relationship Inventory. The Beldens have two married children and two grandchildren, all living in Fresno. 
What People are Saying about the Marriage Works Retreats
"We were in a really terrible place coming to the retreat. By the grace of God and with the tools we learned, we were able to open up to each other and discuss our issues in a healthy, healing way, unlike any time in our married life."   
"This has taught me how to talk with my husband better. I have learned to strive for bettering my marriage rather than assuming there would be no change. I can see finally that we will be able to work through our problems and conflicts. There is hope for things I thought were unsolvable!" Jill S.
"The McLains and Beldens have changed so many lives. We are ever so grateful they have changed ours!" Everett O.
"I'm so glad we made the effort to come to the retreat. The skills we learned and practiced are priceless! We can't wait to get home and give our marriage the priority it deserves."
"After 36 years of marriage it overhauled our communication which caused us to fall in love again." Alan D.
"This gave us much needed tools and skills to provide structure for communication and understanding and resolution of conflicts. I have new hope for growth of our relationship, new joy and team work. Thanks for making it available." Tim L.
"For the first time in my life, I felt understood by another human being. Thank God it was my husband!" 
"My husband actually shared his feelings rather than saying, 'I don't know.'" Denise P.
"The McLains and Beldens have changed so many lives.
We are ever so grateful they have changed ours!" 
Everett and Carrie O'Keefe
These retreats are for you if...
  • You desire to grow your marriage using communication and conflict resolution skills that actually work and are easy to use.
  • You will learn several skills that make it possible to start a conversation in a positive way as well as how to have empathy and understanding with what your spouse is saying. As a result, you will actually work through a problem that you have without getting angry.
  • You want to learn more about how you can grow individually in certain areas to grow closer to the Lord and to each other.
  • We will look at how our individuality contributes to the health and demise of marriage and how you can make effective changes to keep your marriage growing in a healthy way.
  •  You understand how a getaway with each other, focused on each other, can revive and rejuvenate your marriage relationship and take it from good to great!
  • There is built in time to relax, rest, recreate, shop, walk on the beach, pray together, and more so that you can continue to build a stronger bond with each other. Sometimes this happens best away from home and the normal everyday distractions that are frustrating to deal with.
Scheduled Retreats
Scheduled Retreats
January 26-28, 2018
Cambria Pines by the Sea
This retreat will focus on the grace that God gives to us. We know that marriages work when we work on our marriages. God’s grace is the core element that binds us together, and learning how to extend grace to each other allows a marriage to thrive even in the midst of trials and tribulations.

LOCATION:  Cambria Pines Lodge
October 1-3, 2021
Cambria CA
This refreshing retreat will inspire and prepare you and your spouse so you can create the marriage God intends for you.  This retreat focuses on the the core needs of every man and woman in a marriage. We believe love best motivates a woman, and respect most powerfully motivates a man. In this retreat, we will examine how God has designed men and women to feel loved and respected as seen in Ephesians 5:33. You will leave rested and equipped for the marriage you have always wanted.  

LOCATION:  Cambria Pines, Cambria CA
Most retreats sell out months in advance!

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