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Who Are We?

We are an international group of marketing experts and consultants.  While most of us are #1 international bestselling authors, members specialize in various areas including publishing, product creation, online marketing, livecasting, social media, productivity, and more!  Members have a breadth of experience from the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds as well.

What Should You Expect?

Three amazing days of masterminding with some of the sharpest minds in internet marketing, combined with fun surprises and incredible food from our private chef.  You will have the opportunity to present your current business challenge or idea in a "hot seat," where you become the center of attention for the entire group.  Let us brainstorm on your behalf to help you find the best solution.

Stellar Community!

You are smart, but you aren't the smartest person in the room.  No one person is smarter than the collective mastermind!  Come benefit from the collective wisdom of the group and contribute your experience and expertise as well!  You wont leave the retreat with a collection of scattered thoughts and ideas.  You will leave with a plan, built with the help of the mastermind!

What's Included?

Amazing Mastermind Sessions

A substantial portion of our time is spent learning from each other.  Each member brings a list of topics they would like the group to address.  These topics can be business challenges, ideas, new strategies and more.  We work through these topics as the event progresses.  When challenges are presented, we usually find several members in the group have already encountered and overcome these challenges.  When new strategies are presented, we work together to refine and improve these strategies.

Business-Changing Hot Seats

Put the brain trust to work for you!  As an attendee, you have the opportunity to take the Hot Seat!  We will set aside time for you to present a unique problem, question, or business idea that is impacting your business right now.  Then the entire mastermind group goes to work, analyzing your issue and presenting alternatives!  Most of our consultants charge hundreds of dollars an hour for their time.  In the Hot Seat, you get their undivided attention for free!  You will want to record your Hot Seat because most attendees find this single experience to be worth the cost of the entire trip.

Cutting Edge Presentations

At each retreat, we tap key members to present the very latest and greatest from their areas of expertise.  Many times, we learn tools and strategies that are just hitting the market, placing our group well ahead of the curve.  Past events have seen presentations on Livecasting tools, how to create a bestselling book, outsourcing secrets, social media contests, Facebook advertising, expert videography, and much more.  The presentations are always engaging and immediately actionable!

Amazing Fun!

The brain works best with a combination of work and play.  Ideas discussed in the mastermind sessions often germinate during the many surprise activities we plan.  Previous surprises have included winery tours, whale watching, twilight cocktail parties in the redwoods, dancing demonstrations, violin concerts, behind-the-scenes tours, eco excursions and more!  All activities are kept under wraps until the "reveal" at the retreat!  Come see what surprises await!

Incredible Food!

Using unique recipes, our gourmet chef, Amanda, creates wonderful meals and desserts.  One of the high points of each day is the "reveal" Amanda gives as as she presents each entree.  Attendees literally "ooh and ahh" as she describes each item and how it has been prepared.  All meals are provided.  Have a special dietary need?  We have you covered.  All of your drinks are included too.  We even send out a special questionnaire in advance to discover your favorite beverages!

And much more!

You never know what awaits you at the mastermind retreat.  You may meet a new business partner, create a strategic relationship, or discover the big idea that propels your business forward.  Think about it!  What is the value of just one idea?  Just one idea has the potential to completely change your business, and, therefore, your life!  We have seen entire product lines dreamed up over lunch.  We have seen new businesses created over a bottle of wine.  What is in store for you?
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and one of the prettiest locations on the planet.  The lake is 1645' deep and surrounded by snow-covered peaks over 10,000' tall.  The water is famous for its clarity with average visibility of over 70'.  A mecca for nature lovers, the Tahoe area is also known for its fine dining and entertainment.  Lake Tahoe is truly a year-round destination with incredible sights and activities available in all seasons.  
With a surface elevation of 6225', Lake Tahoe is fed by snow melt all year long.  Waterfalls and streams are in abundance, as are flora and fauna native to the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Eagles and osprey fish the lakes and streams of the basin while deer and black bears frequent the many meadows.  Scenic roads guide visitors around the 71 miles of shoreline, and trailheads invite walkers and hikers of all abilities onto the area's many trails.


October 3-6, 2019
The event will start Thursday October 3rd at 6 PM with a fancy small-plate dinner and cocktail party.  We will end Sunday the 14th at 5 PM for those with flights out that night.  However, most people stay through Sunday evening and fly out Monday.
Exclusive Mountain Lodge
Our refuge for this retreat is a 6000 sq ft mountain lodge complete with rooftop deck and private theater!  We have a secluded place to mastermind, right next to Heavenly Valley and minutes from Lake Tahoe and all it has to offer.  Rooms at the retreat location are limited to the first 6 registrants.  Additional lodging is available nearby.
Space is Limited!
This is an intimate event limited to 14 attendees.  Members of the Business Accelerator Group are given the first opportunity to register.  Non-member registration begins 2 weeks later on a space-available basis.  Register today!
Andy, Verlinda & Everett
Verlinda, Andy, and Everett have been facilitating the Business Accelerator Group and the Mastermind Retreats since 2013.  What started as a casual gathering at a B&B near Yosemite has become one of the premier events of the year.  Verlinda Thompson is an entrepreneur and creative with a knack for helping people find their passion and opportunities.  Andy Falco is a multi-#1 bestselling author as well as a livecasting and product creation expert who has created successful brands in multiple industries.  Everett O'Keefe is a #1 international bestselling author and publisher who has published more than 30 #1 bestselling books.  Together, Verlinda, Andy, and Everett make the mastermind retreat a valuable and magical experience! 
Here are highlights from our Carmel Retreat
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Registration closes August 3rd at Midnight PST
Undecided?  Need more information?
We get it.  If this is new to you, you may need more information.  Heck, you might want to talk with someone about this first.  Awesome!  Give Everett a call!  He will be happy to answer your questions and tell you more about the retreat!  Just call 559-477-4202
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